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Electrical Engineering Forensic and Expert Witness Services

  • We provide electrical engineering and technical expertise and investigative services including:
    • Forensic investigative and expert witness services. We have experience in the investigation of accidents, fires, electrical equipment failures and malfunctions, failure analysis, manufacturing and design defects.
    • Intellectual property and expert witness services. We can evaluate intellectual and other company proprietary information, including electrical designs and products and provide expert witness if needed for litigation.
  • We provide:
    • free initial consultation
    • site visits, inspections and documentation
    • expert engineering reports
    • expert witness testimony at trials and depositions
  • Some of our forensic and intellectual property projects include:
    • electronic control system intellectual property dispute
    • fire caused by a control system malfunction
    • electrical residential fire
    • electrocution injury in a gravel pit
    • battery explosion
    • battery fire in a motor vehicle
  • We have worked with a variety of clients, including:
    • attorneys
    • insurance companies
    • commercial entities
    • universities

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