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What are Control Systems?

The use of control systems is abundant in today's world. Home thermostats and automobile cruise controls are two commonplace examples. Control systems have many applications, including mechanical and electrical, biological and economic, or even conceptual systems.

Neurintel's foundation is control systems, both developing leading edge programs and improving existing control systems. Dr. Boye, President, has over 35 years university teaching and research experience with a primary emphasis on control systems. A multitude of approaches, techniques and applications are available to create, enhance, and sustain many types of systems.

For instance, Neurintel can examine the current setup of electrical-mechanical systems that manufacture certain products and deliver improved control solutions that lower waste while simultaneously increasing profit. Neurintel's expertise can also assist with improving vehicle control systems to guarantee a vehicle will perform to the best of its abilities.

Our Projects

Vehicle Velocity Estimate | Vehicle Control
In this project, an improved estimate of the velocity of a vehicle was requested. One way to measure distance in a vehicle is to have an accurate velocity measurement so that the distance can be calculated as a function of time. The proposed design used an observer, which is an advanced technique used in control theory. An observer models a real system in order to provide an estimate of relevant states, such as velocities. A scheme was developed to translate the observer design process to a broad array of vehicles.

Micro Grid for Farm or Ranch | Energy
Major components of farm and ranch operational costs include fuel and energy. By developing a management-planning tool that utilizes resources more effectively, both in the macro- and micro-grids, farm-ranch energy costs can be significantly reduced. This newly designed tool allows farms and ranches to become energy "micro-grids" in a dynamic energy economy.

Aid for People with Cognitive Disabilities | Mental Health
Employment can give people with cognitive disabilities a sense of accomplishment that often translates to increased self-worth and happiness. However, it can be difficult for them to succeed alone in the workplace without helpful intervention. The proposed solution to this dilemma was to provide a virtual error correction coach to prompt the workers through the necessary steps and provide assistance in the event of mishaps. Various technologies were integrated to develop the system, including mathematical modeling and dynamic programming for the intelligent feedback components. The system will be able to increase the number of individuals with cognitive disabilities successfully placed in the workforce and decrease the number of hours a job coach is required.

Aircraft Flight Control | Vehicle Control
The design of an aircraft landing system involves the use of nonlinear equations to accurately model aircraft behavior. A technique was developed to successfully simulate the guidance of an aircraft during the final phase of landing. Both steady winds and wind gusts were included in the design considerations.

Control of Traffic Signals | Transportation
Millions of vehicles on city streets everyday make effective traffic control a necessity. By using an optimization routine on traffic signals the average time stopped for vehicles within certain regions was decreased by 10 to 62 percent in simulations.

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