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What is Data Mining & Analysis?

Data are simply the recorded observations of objects or processes. Their form can be numerical, categorical, pictorial or geographical. Proper analysis of these details can lead to new and exciting discoveries and provide solutions to improve the quality of products and services.

Often it can be difficult to process and sort through large amounts of compiled data. Surveys are a common example of strategically gathering data. A multitude of data can be obtained while conducting surveys and the potential of the underlying information can be lost or misinterpreted without proper analysis.

Neurintel is passionate about the proper collection, analysis and mining of data. Data mining is the process of extracting patterns and trends from large sets of data. It is currently seen as an increasingly important tool to transform data and give an informational advantage in many business areas such as business marketing, architecture, engineering, and scientific discovery. Neurintel is particularly specialized in using statistics, signal processing and artificial intelligence methods to obtain useful information from data sets.

Our Projects

Determining Healthy Tendon Tissue | Healthcare
Though not as detailed or precise as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound imaging is less expensive and faster. During this project, artificial neural networks and other data mining techniques were used to determine if ultrasonic images of tendons indicated a healthy structure versus one with tendinopathy, or disease. The advanced data mining techniques extracted critical information and correct classification rates of 95-99% were achieved. The future implementation of these advancements will lead to cost and time savings in the rapidly growing healthcare industry.

Automated Physical Activity Detection | Healthcare
Exercise science and rehabilitation communities could greatly benefit from simple, user-friendly devices that detect and differentiate between patient's daily activities. An automated process of recording daily activities, such as exercises, could lead to more accurate records and better insight into proper and effective rehabilitative protocol. To achieve these ends, a commercially available body-monitoring device with accelerometers was used to detect and record motion signals. Signal processing and data analysis techniques were then used to discern and classify the types of physical activities that the signals represented.

Broselow Tape Values for Children in Cameroon | Healthcare
Doctors need to know the correct weight of a child in order to prescribe proper amounts of medication. However this information is not always available, especially in emergency situations. The Broselow Tape is a measuring device that allows the doctor to measure the height of the child and then quickly convert this to the proper weight. It is a quick way of providing important information and could be greatly beneficial in third world countries. However, the Broselow Tape was originally developed to determine the weight of children in the United States and does not accurately translate to areas in the world where children tend to weigh less on average. Use of the current device in areas outside of the U.S. could provide inaccurate results and lead to potential overdoses. The Broselow Tape was redesigned to accurately measure children in Cameroon Africa.

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