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What is Modeling?

Events and processes in the world behave in ways that are often described in words. But how objects act can also be represented using mathematical models and equations. Mathematical modeling is used in all areas of engineering and science, including mechanical and electrical systems, biological and medical systems and even other areas such as economic and weather forecasting. The ability to model a particular object provides the opportunity to simulate or predict how objects behave when different variables are introduced.

Models can act as a substitute when it is impractical to build or test an actual system. For example, it would be more manageable, cost efficient and safe to study space shuttle operations using a mathematical model versus performing tests using the actual space shuttle. In biology and medicine, models might represent human interaction with new drugs in an attempt to dispel any danger before bringing the drugs to clinical trials.

Neurintel is devoted to simulating and developing advanced mathematical models that represent many types of systems. Knowledge of particular fields is of paramount importance when constructing accurate models. If needed, Neurintel's associates can provide additional field-specific expertise to aid in the development of customized mathematical models for each client.

Our Projects

Predicting an Outcome in Students in Special Education | Mental Health
A model was developed to predict the successful or unsuccessful completion of special education programs for students diagnosed with serious emotional disturbance based upon enrollment characteristics. The model could then be used as a diagnostic test for admission into a special education program. In addition to the prediction capability outcome, the model accurately prioritized the importance of each predictor, or critical characteristics, that lead to successful completion of the programming. This information is invaluable to administrators to provide the most effective curriculum and care for each individual student.

Advanced Decision Support for Emergency Cardiac Care | Healthcare
Hospitals are constantly seeking ways to save money and time in the rapidly growing healthcare industry. This project aimed to develop a software system for rapid documentation of critical cardiac information at the point of care, such as in the emergency room, that would classify the information in terms of the appropriate immediate disposition of patients to monitored or non-monitored beds. In order to be accepted by the medical community, a model needed to be developed that included the critical cardiac indicators and provided prediction capabilities that were at least as accurate as trained medical professionals.

Fish Population Modeling | Ecology
An accurate model predicting future fish populations can allow conservation and game officials to properly set management policies. In this project, a model was developed to reflect the striped bass population in the Chesapeake Bay. A Kalman filter was used to estimate not only the fish population, but also develop the model itself. This method was shown to be more accurate than previously used methods, such as multiple linear regression and least squares, in predicting future fish populations.

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