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About Neurintel

At Neurintel, the focus is on our client's success. Neurintel offers both consulting and analytical services, providing solutions to dynamic systems in many different fields. We have a vested interest in improving conditions for people and the environment. Neurintel specializes in a variety of mathematical and engineering techniques including advanced data mining and analysis, signal processing, identification, estimation, modeling and control.

Neurintel can help define, analyze and explain real-world problems that companies may encounter. Learn more about our services.

Mission and Goals

Neurintel's mission is to serve clients well in every aspect of the project. Neurintel prides itself in offering honest, ethical services.
  • Ensure service of the highest integrity to all clients.
  • Build a better future for the world's people and environment.
  • Offer original solutions to analytical and engineering problems.

Company History

Before Neurintel's official conception on March 1, 2005, founding members and electrical engineers John Boye and Kris Linstrom worked together on various projects involving system modeling and data mining. As ideas began to flow and projects began to materialize, they decided to continue projects under the name Neurintel.

Today, Neurintel teams up with various associates and projects focused on vehicle control, American and worldwide health issues, rehabilitation, assistive technology and projects in many other scientific and engineering fields.

Building on the solid experience of both founders, Neurintel will continue to ensure that all previous and future clients receive high quality, leading edge solutions.

Our People

John Boye, Ph.D., P.E., President
Dr. Boye has over 35 years of experience as an engineering professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His broad experience with UNL includes 11 years as the Assistant and Interim Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering. He previously worked with Hughes Aircraft Company, working on satellite control and radar systems. He is an expert witness and has consulted with various companies on control system issues. He has written technical papers and book chapters on various aspects of control systems and has received numerous teaching awards, including being named the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching/CASE Nebraska Professor of the Year and receiving the University Distinguished Teaching Award authorized by the Nebraska Legislature two different times. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Nebraska and specializes in system modeling and control. Dr. Boye is one of the founders of Neurintel and currently serves as President.

Dr. Boye spends his spare time reading and traveling and enjoys camping and hiking primarily in the western United States.

Kris Linstrom, P.E., Chief Engineer
After graduating from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln in electrical engineering, Mr. Linstrom pursued his interests in systems engineering. His primary focus is using data mining techniques to model, predict and understand the world around us. In particular, applying neural networks, signal processing and control to dynamic systems. Mr. Linstrom is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Nebraska and one of the founders of Neurintel currently serving as as Chief Engineer.

He is also a passionate outdoorsman and traveler, and he and his wife enjoy rock climbing and hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

In addition, Neurintel works with a group of associates who are experts in a large number of areas including engineering, medicine, computer science and programming. These relationships have been formed through friendships in university and industry settings and from previous collaborations. The value of these associates lies in their ability to broaden the reach and better utilize the engineering skillset of Neurintel, which in turn enhances the service to each client.

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